Jokes are superficial, not the real thing, not useful, not work, not producing. Anti-knowledge. No start-up. Loss of precious time.
Clownesque, sarcastic, aggressive, diverting, bugging. Just a stupid moment of fun. A candy for the lazy brain. A harmless, childish remark. An easy feeling of discovering a pun. Then go on with the real stressy stuff, trying to be useful for the world, helping people. Living is serious business – no silly smile allowed. Moving the world forward is our goal.

Laughing is contagious and is done together, laughing reinforces identity. These e-textile jokes are a secret code, only understandable for a specific group, there is a social nature.
Laughing and feeling good are promoting health. Laughing within a group is laughing about yourself. Making the feeling of the importance of me less dictatorial. Making the production urge less dominant. Taking some of the stress out of a holy call. This makes you also more digestible for others, improving cooperation, improving production effectivity…propagating the holy duty in the end…